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about meHey there! My name is Angela and I am your average 26 year old living in the good ol’ USA. Actually, I bet I’m a lot like you.

I grew up in the suburbs of southern NJ, surrounded by Philadelphia fans (Go Yankees! But that’s a story for a different time…). I graduated magna cum laude from high school in 2010 and went off to Towson University to pursue “my dreams.” Four years later, I graduated summa cum laude with a dual Bachelor’s degree in elementary and special education. Heck, with all of those honors, I was bound for nothing but endless success and happiness, right?

Wrong. Yes, I had an impressive resume. Yes, I secured a teaching job a few months prior to graduation. At the time, I was absolutely ecstatic to be hitting all of those “young adult milestones.” After all, I have a full-time job, own my car, rent a charming one-bedroom apartment in Baltimore, and pay my own bills. Go me!

I’m a millennial, and sometimes we get a bad rap. Older folks may call us entitled, naïve, ignorant, lazy, and even pretentious. But the truth is, we are an educated, hardworking, and compassionate generation; we just yearn for something more. Something different. We’re not content being tied down to one place. If you’re still reading this, my guess is that you can relate to a lot of what I’m saying.

about me baltimoreGranted, we all need money so that we can afford to do the things that we love. For me, my greatest passion is traveling. That is why I teach full-time. I’m also a graduate student pursuing my Master’s. See, I’m doing all of the things you’re supposed to do. All of the things society has been telling us we need to do in order achieve the American dream. Well, maybe that dream has changed. Maybe you’re a nurse, lawyer, pharmacist, accountant, or waitress. We all need to make ends meet. But there’s GOT to be more, right? It’s the Millennial Dream.

How did I get into traveling?

about me santoriniAfter my 3.5 year relationship ended in February 2016, I immediately booked my first ever trip to Europe. By myself. Yep, you read that right. I needed to do something rash, something crazy. Something I always wanted to do. My mom nearly jumped through the phone when I told her about my plans. I left for England just a few weeks later. In ten whirlwind days abroad, I toured SEVEN different countries (again, yes, you read that right) and made a load of new friends. I met people from all over the world: Australia, South Africa, Great Britain, Canada, and more.

Once I got back from my first and very impromptu Eurotrip – I was hooked. Traveling was like a drug. I couldn’t stop thinking about my next trip. My bucket list grew a mile a minute. Being back in the states was like suffering withdrawal. I needed another taste of culture, of history, of beauty – a taste that is only found when roaming the world.

What do I blog about?

about meAll things travel. Whatever I feel compelled to share. I write about topics that interest me and I’d love to write about what interests you, too! I blog about traveling both internationally and within the Americas. I write about where I live, where I’ve been, and where I want to go. I blog about my life- my dreams and my goals. I write about food, nightlife, and attractions. I share stories about my trips with you – tips, reviews, pictures, and much more. So far, I’ve explored 15 different countries but have big plans to soon be exploring many, many others!


If you’d like to reach out, please don’t hesitate to contact me at LittleLivesBig@gmail.com

I look forward to chatting with you. Happy Travels, Friends!

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