Looking Ahead to 2018: Where Will You Travel?

Today is New Year’s Eve and I, like most of you I’m sure, have been reflecting on the tremendous year we’re about to say goodbye to: 2017.

20182017. It was the year of ingenious memes, terrible hurricanes and fires, and the most divisive presidential campaign in U.S. history. Malala Yousafzai went off to college and Prince Henry got engaged. Amazon is slowly but surely taking over the world. 2017 also leaves behind a few lingering questions: How much longer until Facebook suffers the same fate as MySpace? Will Apple be able to make up for their super slow iPhones and subpar battery life? WHEN WILL GAME OF THRONES RETURN?!

Traveling is a giant, and very important, part of my adult life.

In 2016, I went on my very first trip to Europe and explored 7 different countries. I also vacationed in Mexico that summer. So naturally when the new year rolled around, I immediately looked ahead and began to plan out my 2017 adventures.

In 2017, I explored the historic city of Athens, Greece plus the stunning islands Mykonos, Santorini, and Ios. Within the USA, I visited Seattle, WA, New Orleans, LA, Frederick, MD, and Siesta Key, FL all for the first time this year too.

Now, I am looking ahead to 2018. I’m asking myself, “Where will you travel next?” You may be asking yourself that same question. I’ve decided to map out my ideas for the next 12 months, and would love to get some other destination ideas from you!

2018My goal is to travel somewhere every month. Anywhere. This will force me to see some new, and revisit some old, places in 2018. When I say “travel somewhere”, I do not mean only overseas. In fact, I don’t even mean out of state. I simply want to leave the area that I live and work in to discover somewhere or something new, preferably 30 minutes or more away. Sometimes, that may mean a different state or country, but other times it may be a new town within my state that I’ve never been to, or even heard of, before. Some months I’ll travel more than others. I’m determined to make 2018 my year. Do you have any travel-related goals for 2018?

Looking ahead to 2018, I’ve created this [very tentative] outline of my travels. Of course, I hope to be adding more trips to this soon! In the meantime, I’ll be saving up and waiting for friends to exclaim, “HEY ANG, LET’S GO TRAVEL TOGETHER!”

January 2018.2018

Milan, Italy. I’ll be embarking on this short 4-night trip with my younger sister. Laura and I traveled to Greece together this past summer, so this will be our 2nd European adventure together. We have both been to Italy before separately, but neither of us have explored Milan. We plan on taking a day trip to the city of Como while we’re there as well. We can’t wait!

Barcelona, Spain. My friend Krystal and I will be heading to Barcelona at the end of the month, about 10 days after I return from Milan. I have never been to Spain before, so I am very excited to check this country off my list! Spain will be my 15th country. This will be my first time traveling abroad with a friend! 🙂

February 2018.

Nothing confirmed yet.

Ideas: Revisit DC? Or travel somewhere warm over Presidents Day weekend?

March 2018.

2018Savannah, GA, USA. I’ve traveled to Savannah once before, but this time will be much different. My parents are actually moving to Savannah in February so I’ll be able to stay at their new house for a few days and get a greater feel of the area. Many of my aunts and uncles live down there as well; my dad’s side of the family is all retiring to the same neighborhood there. I’m going to be visiting during St. Paddy’s Day weekend, which is just a huge green party in the city! I am so excited to spend time with my parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins for a few days in GA.

April 2018.

Nothing confirmed yet.

Ideas: Revisit Frederick, MD? Revisit Mahwah, NJ?

May 2018.

Nothing confirmed yet.

Ideas: Nashville, TN? Revisit Ocean City, MD?

June 2018.

Nothing confirmed yet.

Ideas: Charleston, SC? Revisit Tybee Beach, GA? Revisit Hoboken, NJ?

July 2018.

North Wildwood, NJ, USA. I grew up in NJ and every year we vacationed at the Wildwood Beaches. I have very fond memories there, and the Jersey beaches will always have a special place in my heart. My parents are moving to Savannah soon, but have decided to rent a condo in North Wildwood for 4 weeks (yay!) to escape the dreadful Savannah heat. They have a waterfront place with an outstanding view, and I am sure I will be spending a lot of time there with them!

August 2018.


*Will be returning from North Wildwood Beach the first weekend of August.

Nothing else confirmed yet.

Ideas: Fly to Beauxmont, TX to walk in my graduation and explore nearby cities? Tour Hungary, Slovenia, and Croatia with Contiki?

September 2018.

Nothing confirmed yet.

Ideas: Revisit Alexandria or Arlington, VA?

October 2018.

Nothing confirmed yet.

Ideas: Revisit Hershey Park, PA?

November 2018.

Nothing confirmed yet.

Ideas: Revisit Savannah, GA? Revisit Cranford and/or Hoboken, NJ? Travel to a Caribbean island?

December 2018.

2018Disney World Orlando, FL, USA. My family and I have been to Disney World countless times, but never during Christmas! I am really looking forward to spending time with my family at the happiest place on earth during my absolute favorite time of year. My heart will dance when I see all of the beautiful decorations, parades, and shows for the holiday season. So pumped!

Universal Orlando, FL, USA. Universal is another place I’ve been to many times before. My family likes to combine Disney trips with Universal- there’s no such thing as too many rollercoasters, is there? Let’s be real, Universal will never be on the same level as Disney World, but it is a fierce competitor that boasts many larger “big kid” rides that my family thoroughly enjoys. This upcoming holiday season will be a merry one for sure!


2018 will be an extraordinary year; I’m sure of it.

I’ll be earning my Master’s degree, checking off more bucket list destinations, and challenging myself to leave my comfort zone more often. My parents will be retired and moving, and that means a new chapter for me as well since I will no longer have my childhood home in southern New Jersey. I am going to strive to make new friends, de-clutter my apartment and classroom, and recommit to more healthy habits.


How will you make 2018 your best year yet? Comment below to tell me where you’ll be traveling or what you’ll be accomplishing- I’d love to hear from you!

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